уторак, 10. јун 2014.

My "tricks" for the perfect, healthy tan.

  For a nice attractive complexion is not responsible solarium, but our diet. Carotenoids from fruits and vegetables affect the brilliant shine of our skin and healthy color.

 Carotenoids are located in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, which should be more to-insert in your daily diet, which is what I'm doing. That are for example carrots, apricots, peaches...
  Next spinach, lettuce (which I adore) and all the vegetables that has a green leaf.
  Then,tomato, cucumber(which you can use for face masks, but about the masks in some future post), beans (which should be included in your meals at least once a week)... Nuts - hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios are the law of healthy skin. 

  Avoid foods rich in fat and carbohydrates. What is healthy for your whole body is healthy for your skin. Drink more water, be sure to 2 liters per day, replace red meat with fish (salmon is the healthiest for your skin). And, of course, reduce the maximum intake of sweets. Better eat a nice piece of fruit. I'm pregnant and I often want to eat some candy, but I resist and make myself a healthy fruit salad or a fruit frappe. Here's one recipe for a healthy frappe. Enjoy!

Chop the watermelon into pieces and clean the seeds and place in a blender. Then pour a cup of yogurt too. 
Shaken frappe pour in deeper cups. 
If is not quite sweet you can add a teaspoon of honey, a dessert place in refrigerator to cool down a bit an hour or two.

To refresh during the day there is a cold mint tea. 
This drink is a great way to refresh yourself, but also to get rid of fat from the abdomen. Peppermint tea helps the body get rid of excess fat, but also accelerates the digestion of fatty foods, and thus prevents bloating.