недеља, 15. јун 2014.

Choosing a swimsuit to the shape of the body

Every woman is different and each has something on a body that wants to highlight or hide. And it is not impossible. Here are tips for choosing a swimsuit to the shape of the body:

- Wear Dim tones and one-piece suits 
- If you select two tone bathing, let the lower part is darker than the upper 
- Bright colors and prints distraction and camouflage stomach 
- Avoid horizontal stripes

- Dark colors and great prints will make you look slimmer
- Avoid shallow bottom parts and boxers that will have a counter effect

- Avoid small prints, monochrome suits are a better choice 
- Accessories such as necklaces draw attention to the upper body. 
- Complete the look with a monochrome print and the bottom of the cannon

- Bright colors and small prints are good choices, as well as horizontal stripes 
- Bikini bottom part which is connected also highlights the curves 
- One-piece swimsuit with punching in the stomach will also flatter your figure

- The darker upper and vertical or diagonal stripes will visually reduce your breast 
- One-piece swimsuit with V-neck elongate the figure
- Wide straps provide good support and will make narrow shoulders look wider 
- Avoid bikini and thin straps because it will only accentuate your bust

- Large prints can accentuate your breasts, but you can carry less pronounced designs 
- Print that follows the shape of the breasts visually increases 
- Karner, corrugated or upper parts of the details are a good option, but you can choose and set up the upper part of which the breast look bigger 
- Bikini and sporting guns looks good but avoid the basket

And most importantly ... relax, recharge the confidence and enjoy your flight.