субота, 30. новембар 2013.

These boots are made ​​for walking...

   Yesterday I spent in walk around our beautiful city. Although it was cold, warmed me good company and good mood .... I am delighted with my new boots. Are perfect and very comfortable, which is important. And very hot, since are set with the fur.

   Jučerašnji dan sam provela u šetnji po našem divnom gradu. Iako je bilo prilično hladno grejalo me je dobro društvo i lepo raspoloženje... Inače, oduševljena sam mojim novim čizmama. Savršene su i vrlo udobne, što je veoma važno. I vrlo su tople, s obzirom da su postavljene krznom. 


And what about this new bag.... I love her too....

These mitts are very modern ... I am sending you with them one heart...

уторак, 26. новембар 2013.

Something like Sex and city...

   You loved ses and the city? Most of us did. Maybe they were not exactly realistic in most things. Not so easy to live in the present time. But as love is concerned, they were always a hundred percent right.
   How many times you asked your friends this question, or you can not find Mr. Right, or are stuck with the Mr. NOT RIGHT. Do we let too much and leave or strive for perfection that does not exist?
   I'm interested in your stories ... And the male and the female perspective. In my opinion, we strive for things that do not exist, at least us women. Do you think that perfection exists? I think that at the beginning all the welds and see only the "perfect" way. But eventually the perfect party becomes a completely different picture of what we imagined.and then just go and search for perfection falling into a new disappointment. In my environment, this is a mistake. Personally I think we need to accept the imperfection, if not very large and live with them, ignore them. Watch the positive side of everything
    Was Carrie absolutely happy with the Mr. Big? No! But to satisfy what she got. Him! How many perfect men remained lying behind her? But that's love, right? Tell me your story and I will give you mine.


понедељак, 25. новембар 2013.

Another set with my favorite shirt

   As promised here's another set with my favorite shirt .... This time combined with the skirt. And she has some skin on it, which is very popular today...Very nice combination to go out or walk around the city ... I love this combination very much... 

Kao što sam obećala evo još jedne kombinacije sa mojom omiljenom košuljom. Ovaj put u kombinaciji sa suknjom. I ona ima malo kože na sebi, koja je vrlo popularna danas... Veoma lepa kombinacija za izlazak ili šetnju gradom... Obožavam ovu kombinaciju...

+Aurora hand made jewerly

Casual day, casual outfit...

   I like to enjoy the warm autumn days ... The golden sun that's running on the golden leaves. Leo horoscope must love gold, although I prefer white gold ...I love these cozy tights, and this lightweight blouse . I love her feeling on my skin.

   Volim da uživam u toplim jesenjim danima.... Zlatno sunce koje se razliva po zlatnom lišću. Horoskopski znak Lava mora da voli zlatno...Mada ja preferiram belo zlato :)  Obožavam ove udobne helanke, kao i ovu laganu košulja-tuniku.... Volim njen osećaj na svojoj koži.

And yet these pearls ... I love them ... I love everything that comes out of the sea. They're beautiful ... And it reminds me of summer ... I love the sensation on my skin.

A tek ovi biseri... Obožavam ih... Volim sve što potiče iz mora. Divni su... I podsećaju me na leto... Volim senzaciju njihovog dodira na svojoj koži.

+Aurora Handmade jewerly 

недеља, 24. новембар 2013.


McDonald's...I' loving it....Especially plasma shake with a taste of chocolate....MMMMM...
And my new sneakers... They are just great...Very modern and very comfortable...

And this ones orange color are my son's. He chose them by himself, and it's 4 years old. ... Mom Fenseri...

And my sister's... She is the rock-punk, so her military style suit...

+Safran Italy shoes

петак, 22. новембар 2013.

Friendships over everything

   Friendships ... Based on love, trust ... Thread that binds us. Some people meet by chance, some go to the score of our lives and there are those friendships like marriage-until death do us part. Do you have such friendships?
   I almost lost forever two of these on the same day. I lost them at one time. I've missed.them.. It turns out that I also have to them. Until one day we refracted and continue where we left off. It is difficult. Al acts as if they never left. Because they were my rpisutne every day here, in my heart and life.
   We grew up together, SURVIVED together first loves. Together fooling the best memories. I would NOT like to continue my life without them. So do not let others judge you, about your friends. They are only yours. Your grain of the universe ... And keep it. It is only that matters... 
    I will always love you girls.......  https://www.facebook.com/jelica.lazic.7?fref=ts  https://www.facebook.com/LazicAnaa?fref=ts

четвртак, 21. новембар 2013.

I miss summer!

   I love summer ... And my river Sava. On its quay I grew up. These images are formed when the river flooded the quay and we all brought joy to walk on water. I miss the summer. And carry this lightweight summer dresses, which I love very much

   Volim leto... I moju reku Savu  Na njenom keju sam odrasla. Ove slike su nastale kad se reka izlila i svi smo mogli da uživamo u šetnji po keju koji je bio pod vodom. Nedostaje mi leto. I nošenje ove lagane letnje haljinice, koju obožavam.

среда, 20. новембар 2013.

This is found in my shopping bag...

    This is found in my shopping bag 3 days ago. I really love this shirt, and my leggings of eco-leather, which are now very modern. They can be combined in many variations, especially shirt that I will present in some future posts. Sorry for the bad quality of my pictures, I'm very disappointed, but due to problems with a camera, better  haven't been  done.

    Ovo se naslo u mojoj šoping torbi pre tri dana. Ovožavam ovu košulju, a takođe i moje helanke od eko kože, koje su u trendu ove sezone. Mogu biti kombinovane u više varijanti, posebno košulja, što ću vam i pokazati u nekim od narednih postova. Žao mi je zbog lošeg kvaliteta mojih slika, vrlo sam razočarana,, ali s obzirom na probleme koje smo imali sa kamerom, ovo je najbolje što smo mogli da uradimo.

+Aurora Hand Made Jewerly 

субота, 16. новембар 2013.

Confessions 2

   Continuation of our previous story goes like this...
   Anna's desire for revenge was growing every day. Eventually she started to go out and meet new men. It took her a long time to commit adultery first, and it was a kiss. Slowly shee relaxed and followed the sexual act, and she was drunk. The next day she felt terrible, miserable. But upon learning of her husband's following infidelity, she entered in a relationship with the man about who you were reading in the previous post. Seemed to be understanding, but as soon as he got what he wanted from her, he became cold. Days went by when she would again be answered from him, and she believed him again and gaved herself to him, all the time thinking that such a holy wife, but in fact the revenge itself. More is collapsing into the abyss. Alcohol became her everyday way to overcome the day. 
   And then her hatred became too big, she felt for her husband when one day earlier came home from the beauty salon. In her marriage room, in her bed, moaning the other woman. She stood by the door and tapped all the time. She heard another woman sobbing with excitement in the arms of her husband that she has not been for a long time. Then she decided to drastic revenge.
   She decided to record their sex act with her ​​lover and sent it to her husband. Its juice was huge. " How could she do such a thing to him ?". He did not care what he did to her. He beat her so that she ended up in the hospital, and her video is forwarded to all the members of their families and hung it on the internet. 
   Her return from the hospital in the world was drastic. Everyone turned their back to her, and on the street was recognized, they were very rude to her. She could not bear it and decided to commit suicide. 
   Fortunately was rescued and taken to a psychiatric hospital where she is taken care by very good psychiatrist. Slowly learned how to live with her past. She divorced her husband and moved to a small suburb where she started a new life.
   Had it done much earlier, as soon as she found out about her husband's fraud, her life would have been much nicer and easier. No one needs to suffer from man's torture. Every life is given as a gift and you should enjoy it each day.There is no need to be afraid of new steps. They can even be a lot easier than walking into our "usual shoes".

среда, 13. новембар 2013.

Leggings... Do you love them?

   Leggings are again in vogue. Can be combined in various ways; with skirts, dresses; with shoes or deeper boots. I really like them and they are very sexy. And what you think about them?


   In these posts I'll talk to you about the stories I've heard, experienced ...I love psychology and is quite taught.Every human being has their own experiences, mistakes, moments of happiness. And everything is connected with the psychology of human beings.Here's a story about a woman who wanted revenge. But she did not realize that she revenge itself, destroying her life for making another suffer. And story goes like this....
   We all have a first love. The one which we believe is a movie. Epic. We want to fight for it despite everyone and everything. Because this is our story. But usually these stories do not always turn out how we want. That's the life. In the life is every man for himself. At least I've been able to figure out from previous experience
   This young woman, Anne, was really wild, but she dreamed about a really big love. But time has brought different rules to us. She lost her virginity at 17 with a boyfriend with whom she thought she was in love It was because all her friends already lost their virginity. She did not want to be different. This guy it immediately upon perpetrating acts rejected. And for her it remained bitterness. 
   A few years later she met sarmantnohg boyfriend, humorous, cheerful, who quickly fell in love with her. Although frightened by previous experience, gave herself up to the waves of love and affection that is splashed her. 
   There was a wedding ... They wanted children, but did not receive. He had left her each time the test showed a negative result, and it would be coming back, and so on. The bitterness in her grew, and then she found out that he is cheating. Although she could not imagine herself with another, she decided to take revenge. She started getting drunk and at some point she met a boy who she attracted the attention of his understanding.
   What is going on below, you will read in some future posts. The story is a bit complicated, as  the feelings by itself.

субота, 09. новембар 2013.

More about love: Why do people cheat?

   A few days ago I heard a story. The girl had a boyfriend who adores her, he would took  the stars from the sky if she wonted that. In the beginning she loved him, but his love became more and more boring to her. The person who told me a story I find out that she started to treat her boyfriend very uncomfortable in the company, and then suddenly she withdrew into itself.  My friend came several times in the situation to be colled by her boyfriend to ask if he's with her. Having realized that she lied to him, my friend was inventing the reasons why she could not answer the phone, or she was in the bathroom, or trying on clothes in a boutique. Hee was trying to force her to recognize what is happening, because he felt embarrassed when her boyfriend called him, and he was sorry that he was lying. He assumed that it was adultery, but she did not recognize. Noticed that more and more withdrawn into herself, she smoked too much, drinking. And one day she fainted in a caffee and got vaginal bleeding. There were her friends and her boyfriend. They quickly called for an ambulance and she was taken to hospital. It turned out that she was pregnant and she lost the child. She did not care about herself. This is where the problem arose. Her boyfriend is in the hospital began to scream at her. They for a long time have not had sex, she avoided him in all possible ways. All he got in response was a huge laughter. He got out of the room. 

   Later, the story often goes like this. It's become boring to her his great love, attention, and a small gift and surprises. In the nightclub she met a guy who was the exact opposite of her boyfriend. He was rude, acted towards her as commodities owned by, they saw each other when it suited him, not if she wanted to. She used her for sex. But she fell in love with his rudeness. She got pregnant with him and he did not even want to hear about it.
Ceased to appear, and she fell into the abyss. She did not want to have an abortion. But did not even know what to do.
Basically, she is alone. She lost the person who would love and respecte her for a lifetime, for the man who was watching her like a doormat.Will she regret it all her life? Yes, I'm sure she will. I believe that her actions ruined her. And then comes the question. If people have everything, why do they cheat? Why not just let go the person they have beside and look for what they crave? Such procedures often destroy themselves and the person who loves them, because someone who is certainly not seen as a person with whom they would have something more than just a sex. It seems to be in human nature to always striving for something else. 
The grass is always greener in someone else's yard!

петак, 08. новембар 2013.

Extra thing about me...

   Here is additional thing about me. I love to make jewelry. Tt's kind of an obsession of mine. I adore jewelry. I think that it's tolking a lot about us. 
   I generally love and appreciate art in any form. I see art everywhere; in human terms, be it happy or sad, in a  smile, sunny day, in the shapes of clouds, in the nature that surrounds us. I love to paint, but I will tolk about that in some other post... I like to write. But I especially love jewerly. My line of jewerly I coled Aurora, hand made jewerly. I would love to one day develop into a bigger deal. I am happy when I see a piece of jewelry that I have created on another person. 
   As well as the clothes we wear, and the jewelry has its own story that talks about us.